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Guestbooks: A thing of the past

Uniquely YouPosted by Tara Ybarra Thu, August 03, 2017 12:01AM
Sometimes I hate watching traditions die out, but in some cases I will shoo it happily out the door. I don't know about you, but I am really loving all the alternatives for the traditional guestbook that have been rapidly gaining popularity. In comparison, the traditional guestbook has become almost obsolete. Not in the sense that it no longer has a use, but there are now so many different options that are more useful/desirable. Almost no one ever looks twice at their guestbook. It ends up in a box (like mine) or on a shelf collecting dust. In addition to you enjoying your guestbook and getting more use out of it in the future, your guests will enjoy signing it more.

The guestbook alternatives also give yet another opportunity to add some personality and creativity to your wedding. I am definitely a fan of making it your own! Listed here are some of my favorites from weddings I have worked.

The Wishing Tree Guestbook

This guestbook alternative has so many different style options. Real tree, fake tree, wall art. Sometimes the signatures/wishes are on tags, sometimes on wooden hearts or leaves, sometimes they're a thumbprint. I like that this can be displayed, or (if a live tree) planted in your yard.

Signed Matte Guestbook

Sometimes the Matte is surrounding the couple's wedding date, sometimes it's surrounding their engagement photo... either way it's nice to have something to hang on your wall to make you smile every time you look at it.

State/Map Guestbook

I think this option is so cute. It's perfect for destination weddings or you can even order the entire USA and connect locations with hearts or dotted lines.

Signed Corks Guestbook
This guestbook is particularly adorable for Vineyard weddings. If you ask in advance, most wineries will save corks for you and then you can have a collection of corks from the venue where you got married! Add signatures of your loved ones, put them in a glass vase, and you have a perfect contribution to your mantel.

Globe Guestbook
I am a huge fan of globes. If I had space for them I would probably own 20+. If I had thought of it at the time, I probably would have done this for my wedding with a little sign that read, "Please share some worldly advice". The I would have an excuse to own a globe! Apart from my own happiness.

Games and Puzzles Guestbook

This Guestbook alternative is truly genius! You can choose whatever game you like and have the guests sign pieces or parts of the game board. You can even get a custom puzzle made and have the guests sign the pieces. Displayed with a little sign reading "Our puzzle is not complete without you", it would be perfect!

Sign a Heart Guestbook
There are a ton of different shadow boxes custom made with little slits to fit the wooden hearts in the top. Some of the shadow boxes can be ordered with your initials and date, or your monogram, or some are even a frame for a photo!

Polaroid Guestbook

Yes! So happy Polaroid Cameras are back! This guestbook alternative is perfect! It allows guests to add such a personal touch, and get a bit goofy! A variation to the Polaroid option is to have a Photo Booth that prints doubles. One for the guestbook and one for the guests!

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