Tales of a Wedding Planner

Tales of a Wedding Planner

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Sewing Emergency

Expecting the UnexpectedPosted by Tara Ybarra Wed, July 05, 2017 04:48PM
As a Wedding Planner, I make sure to be prepared for any possible scenario. You never know what will pop up and I always try to minimize the problem as quickly as possible. Most often I can do this without the bride/groom ever noticing anything happened. But every once in awhile, their noticing is unavoidable. Every once in a while, something goes a bit awry. Such was the case when I had to tailor the bride's dress during the cocktail hour.
The bride and groom were getting ready for their first dance as a married couple. It is one of my favorite parts of a wedding! I came over to bustle her dress, and as I was searching, found that the bustle was missing. I searched around a bit more, (man those tailors are good! Most of the time you cannot see the bustle at all!) and after speaking with the bride, found that she thought her dress included the bustle when she purchased it. No biggie! I always have a sewing kit ready to go. Bustles are not included because they don't know what height they will have to bustle to, so all alterations take place after the purchase. This particular bride was extremely lucky, because her dress didn't require extra tailoring. It fit her perfectly. The corset to helped a lot with that fact too.

It all turned out wonderfully. I sewed in a few buttons and loops and got her dress bustled and ready for dancing in less than 5 minutes!

Never underestimate the need of the emergency kit!

* Photography courtesy of: Luke Snyder Studio

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