Tales of a Wedding Planner

Tales of a Wedding Planner

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Coffee Wedding

Uniquely YouPosted by Tara Ybarra Wed, July 05, 2017 04:10PM
Your Wedding Day is an opportunity to represent yourselves as an official couple for the very first time. What better way to do that, than to put a little bit of your love story into the decor? I like to sit down with my engaged couples and learn a bit about them.

I had a couple come to me upset because they didn't want their wedding to look like every other wedding. They wanted something off-trend. Rustic is gorgeous, and I personally love it, but the couple was worried that it would date their wedding just like the 80's weddings were dated by their Bows, Puffy sleeves, and Lace! Oh yes! Who doesn't love marveling at the 80's trends! Just be thankful Bridesmaids dresses have evolved!

We met at a coffee shop of their choice. I sat down with the couple and asked them to tell me a bit about their lives and relationship. They insisted they were an average couple (what is average anyway!), they didn't have anything to make them unique, and they were a bit stressed that they couldn't think of a theme or any decorations they liked. Now, you don't always need a theme, but if you want one, I am determined to find the perfect one!!! I assured them, of course they were unique. No one is the same.

The bride replied matter-of-factly, "The only things I like are my fiance, and my coffee." Huh, she likes coffee... I can work with that. They were both self-described coffee snobs. They had also met while working in rival coffee shops. This was a constant throughout their daily lives and a shared passion.


We had coffee beans everywhere. The Centerpieces were vanilla candles in hurricane vases with coffee beans at the base.
The bride and groom each chose their favorite coffee bean flavors and guests got to make their our roasts by scooping their beans of choice into their favor bags. There was a coffee bar with Baileys and Kahlua, as well as a coffee desserts bar. The opted to have a brunch wedding in order to stick to the theme, and had a waffle bar as well. When I say coffee was in every detail, I mean every detail! There were even coffee beans in the bouquet!

The couple was amazed with how much you can with just one spark of an idea. Together we had developed the beautiful and relaxed ambiance the couple had been searching for.

Over the years there have been many themes, but this one will always stick out in my mind as one of the best smelling weddings I have ever had the pleasure of planning.

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